Professional Microbiology Diploma

Program Coordinator

 : Program coordinator
Eman H.F Abdel Zaher

 : The terms of reference of the academic coordinator

1. Receiving applications to join the program through the Student Registration Department.

2- Participation in setting the main tables and examination schedules.

3- Communicating with the heads of the councils of the scientific departments to determine the teaching staff for the various courses before

     The semester begins.

4- Receive the excuses provided by students about studying or exams and present them to the Executive Committee.

5- Examining the possibility of postponing the payment of part of the study expenses for special cases after studying them.

6- Receive students' complaints and work to solve them and overcome any academic obstacles.

7- Communicate with the heads of the academic departments' councils to determine the courses that will be offered in the semester Summer course.

8- Proposing the financial dues for teaching for faculty members and the assisting body to present them on the executive committee.

9 - Coordination with the control and college administration to hold a committee of examiners and approve the result in the executive committee and the College Board.