Unique Programs


Construction Engineering

Environmental Architectural


Renewable Energy Engineering

Competency Based Medical (CBMBP)

Malaysian students' program

Competency Based Medical

Malaysian Students Program

Clinical Pharmacy

Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language (TAFL)

Land Surveying, Maps and Geographic Information Systems

Information Technology and Libraries IT and Libraries

Language and translation

Clinical Psychology

Hebrew Studies Program

Sociology and family issues

Double Major Chemistry

Petroleum and Mining Geology

Industrial Biotechnology

Business Information Systems (BIS)

Bachelor of commerce English Program

Accounting Finance

Teaching English for the Scientific Divisions

English Law Program

Specialized Diploma of Technical Institute of Nursing

Intensive Program in Nursing Sciences

Postgraduate Studies

Professional Master’s Program in Surveying and Mining

Professional Diploma in Microbiology

Diploma of Analytical Biochemistry Program

Professional Post-Graduate Program

Clinical Pharmacy Diploma

Professional Diploma in Biochemistry and Clinical Analysis

Pharm D Professional Program

Pharma Covigilance